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Woodland Creation

Plant for the future to produce income as well as sequester carbon and help combat climate change.

The UK has a target to plant 30000 hectares of new woodland each year. Although the bulk of woodland creation is currently in Scotland it is hoped new planting will increase to 10000 hectares per year in England and 4000 hectares per year in Wales.

Agricultural subsidies are proposed to change now the UK has left the European Union with a greater emphasis on the delivery of environmental benefits. Planting grants, combined with opportunities to sell sequestered carbon, present an exciting opportunity to diversify farming businesses and generate a new income stream.

Bronwin & Abbey is a registered project developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and can assist land owners with the registration of their planting schemes and the sale of carbon. The company employs Welsh Government Registered Woodland Creation Planners who can submit Glastir Woodland Creation expressions of interest on your behalf, they are also experienced at working with clients to develop a woodland creation plan and see it through NRW verification.

Our services include:

  • Woodland creation design ensuring the right tree is planted in the right place
  • Grant applications
  • The delivery of approved schemes including ground preparation, tree supply, planting and maintenance
  • Registration of the planting scheme with the Woodland Carbon Code

The latest information on woodland creation grants in Wales can be found HERE and for England HERE



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