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Tree safety surveys

Landowners have a legal duty of care to ensure that their trees are safe. This duty of care is particularly important for trees adjacent to roads and busy public rights of way; it cannot be met simply by holding public liability insurance. Ash dieback is adding significant obligations and potential liability for many landowners.

In order to meet their legal obligations landowners must show they have acted in a reasonable manner. A tree safety survey delivered through a phased work programme should ensure that a landowner has met their responsibilities.

We offer a variety of services including 

  • Tree Condition Surveys
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessments 
  • Specialist Decay Detection
  • Tree Risk Management Strategy
  • Trees & Development (BS 5837:2012) Surveys
  • Arboricultural work, tendering and supervision 

Bronwin & Abbey undertakes tree safety surveys using staff members who are qualified Professional Tree Inspectors, and professional members of the arb association. Surveys are presented in a clear format with digital maps and can be updated as the work programme progresses on clients request.

We will also tender and supervise the work programme if required.