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Glastir Woodland Creation window 11 opened on 30 September 2021 and closes midnight on 28th Octbober 2021.

A budget of £5 millions has been allocated to this round of Glastir Woodland Creation (GWC).

Grants are available to pay for the management plan to be written, support the cost of planting and fencing the GWC area, and annual maintenance payments.



An Expression of Interest (EOI) must be submitted by a Registered Glastir Woodland Creation Planner, EOIs not submitted by a registered planner will be rejected.

Bronwin and Abbey Ltd are registered planners with over 25 years experience in forest management across Wales. 

To be eligible for GWC window 11:

  • The land to be planted must be in Wales.
  • The land must be under management control of the individual submitting the Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • The land must not already be designated as woodland.
  • The area of eligible land must be a minimum of 0.25 hectares consisting of field parcels with a minimum area of 0.1 hectares.
  • If the land is common land then consent under Section 38 of the Commons Act 2006, or written confirmation that consent is not required by Welsh Ministers, must be granted before an EOI is submitted.
  • A Rural Payments Wales (RPW) Customer Reference Number is needed to submit an EOI; this can be arranged if the land is not already registered with RPW.
  • Applications are scored by Welsh Government and only those schemes that exceed the threshold score will proceed beyond EOI.

Funding available:

  • £800 to pay for the woodland creation management plan to be written; only paid if the plan is approved and the land planted.
  • Grants rates for planting
    • Enhanced mixed woodland (min. of 5 species, min. of 25% broadleaves):
      • £3600 per hectare
    • Native woodland - carbon (native species mix, Woodland Carbon Code registration required):
      • £4500 per hectare
    • Native woodland - biodiversity (site native species mix):
      • £3000 per hectare
  • Annual maintenance payments
      • For 12 years: £60 per hectare per year
  • Annual premium payments
      • For 12 years: £350 per hectare per year
  • Grant rate for fencing (livestock must be excluded from all GWC planting areas):
      • £3.48 per metre

Bronwin & Abbey Ltd can deliver all or part of your project including entry to our annual woodland carbon schemes.

  • Registered Glastir Woodland Creation Planners.
  • Site surveying and GIS mapping.
  • Bespoke plan to ensure successful tree establishment and future revenue streams.
  • Comprehensive service using experienced labour and high quality UK grown planting stock.