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Woodland and Forestry Managment in Wales and England

From large plantations to rural estates and farms we offer a solution for your needs.

Woodland management enables us to maximise the economic, environmental and social benefits of woodlands. With our highly skilled and experienced workforce, we can plan, organise and execute all the forest operations required to meet your objectives.

Using silvicultural techniques and with over 25 years’ experience, we are able to offer expert advice to multi-purpose estates, private woodland owners, farmers, conservation bodies and local authorities.

  • Forest operations
  • Property appraisal and audit
  • Budget preparation and financial planning
  • Timber harvesting and marketing
  • Woodland and forestry management plans
  • Grant advice, negotiation and administration for Wales and England grant schemes
  • Statutory consents – Felling licenses, general development orders and TPO consent
  • GIS Mapping - Planning /license applications, estate maps and tree surveys
  • Forest (and woodland) certification
  • Contract management
  • Tree safety surveys