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Woodland Creation Grant Increase in Wales

Today, 25th May 23 the Minister for Climate Change and the Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd announced higher payment rates for creating woodland in Wales. Which see an increase in the grant payment rates for landowners looking to create new woodlands. 

After many months of lobbying by industry on behalf of landowners through CONFOR it is great to see a positive move by Welsh Government to bring the woodland creation grant offering in Wales significantly up following years of stagnation in the grant and inflation of all costs. 

For new woodland creations planted in the 23/24 season the new payment rates will be 

Payment rates

Native Biodiversity 1,100/ha  £3,302
Native Biodiversity 1,600/ha  £4,550
Enhanced Mixture   2,500/ha £5,146
Native Carbon        2,500/ha £6,170
Agroforestry           80/ha     £1,600

The scheme also pays for fencing and gates to be installed around tree planting areas. The payment rates are:

fencing – £8.32 per metre
deer fencing (from window 3) - £11.93 per metre
standard gate (metal) - £221 each
standard gate (softwood) - £291.75 each
standard gate (hardwood) - £669.41 each
timber bridle gate and posts - £220.83 each
timber kissing gate and posts - £237.80 each 

The scheme provides annual maintenance payments per hectare to look after the trees over a 12 year period as below. This does not apply to the agroforestry option which receives £30 per hectare per annum over a 5 year period.

Maintenance payments per hectare starting at £400/annum in year 1 and diminishing 


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To compensate for the loss of agricultural income on the land that trees are planted on, the scheme also provides annual premium payments of £350 per hectare